Friday, February 6, 2009

Wasteland Jazz Unit/Cardboard Sax Split


Community College, 12"
2008, 256 kbps, 53MB

CARDBOARD SAX is Holly (Uneven Universe), Dan (Uneven Universe, Haunted Castles, Body Morph), and Olson (Wolf Eyes, Graveyards, Dead Machines) on saxs and electronics. Amazing use of space and restraint on this killer LP debut. Haunting excursions into the dark basement sax damage happening across Michigan these days. Perfect recording and a great example to introduce this trio to the world outside the midwest.
WASTELAND JAZZ UNIT is Jon Lorenz and John Rich repping Cincinati's Art Damage Lodge and ripping the B side up with their scathing sax assault. Walls of feedback and distorted jazz take you on a 16 minute ride of beautiful destruction.
- Community College



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