Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Thousand Colors Blaze compilation


Gods of Tundra, 6xC-60
2007, VBR, file sizes below

You know what to expect. I've uploaded each side (except the two Hair Police ones) seperately seeing as I had to split it up anyway+people might only want some of the tracks.

A: Failing Lights (28 MB)
B: Prurient (28 MB)
C: Burning Star Core (34 MB)
D: Birth Refusal (26 MB)
E: Sick Llama (37 MB)
F: Hatred (36 MB)
G: Spine Scavenger (33 MB)
H: Three Legged Race (22 MB)
I: Gate To Gate (37 MB)
J: Walter Carson (34 MB)
K & L: Hair Police (77 MB)


data.hypercomplex said...

Ow thx for these!

Cooper said...

This is just what the doctor ordered.

c said...

wow! thanks...don't have the Nohio series by any chance?

noisenotmusic said...

Know it's a long time ago but I've the nohio boxset in the queue to be ripped and upped soon. Expect it to appear on my blog in a week or two.

j said...

thnx for this.